Oksana Savenko | Visiting Research Scholar – Ukraine

Oksana is a PhD candidate, research scientist, and coordinator of marine mammal studies at the National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine. She participated in the four Ukrainian Antarctic expeditions, including two year-round. Oksana initiated multi-year year-round monitoring of cetaceans at the Ukrainian Antarctic Akademik Vernadsky station. Among the first significant results are photo-identification data and biopsy samples of humpback whales collected during austral winters at their Antarctic feeding ground of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Oksana was a former Fulbright scholar in the lab between 09/2022-02/2023 and is continuing her work with the BTBEL lab as a visiting research scholar. Oksana's project is dedicated to the population dynamics and demographics of Antarctic cetaceans under the pressure of rapid environmental change.
The BTBEL lab is excited to have Oksana join us at UCSC to conduct groundbreaking research on humpback whale population dynamics and demographics from the Antarctic Peninsula.

Research Scholar

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The University of California, Santa Cruz

Bio-Telemetry & Behavioral Ecology Lab

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Research Scientist

National Antarctic Scientific Center of Ukraine

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