Natalia Botero-Acosta | Postdoctoral Researcher

Natalia has a Biology degree from the University of Antioquia and an M.A./PhD from the Brain and Behavior program from the University of Southern Mississippi (USM). She is an affiliated researcher with the Colombian Antarctic Program (PAC). Natalia has over 13 years of experience with marine mammals, particularly with humpback whales in the Ecuadorian and Colombian Pacific. Currently, she is the General Director of Macuáticos Colombia Foundation, a non-profit organization from which Natalia has led a monitoring program with humpback whales in the Gulf of Tribugá, northern Colombian Pacific. Her research interests include behavioral ecology, habitat use, and social structure. She has a keen interest in employing molecular and acoustic techniques to study key aspects of cetacean life history.
The BTBEL lab is excited to have Natalia join us at UCSC to conduct groundbreaking research on humpback whale population dynamics and demographics from the Ecuadorian and Colombian Pacific.