Biotelemetry and Behavioral Ecology Lab


The Biotelemetry and Behavioral Ecology Lab is dedicated to increasing diversity within the scientific community, as a diverse team produces stronger research. We are dedicated to an inclusive laboratory environment where all feel welcome and supported and strive actively to create a culture of belonging for students.


Marine animals do not perceive international boundaries, and neither should our research. Our research team collaborates with diverse scientists from around the world in order to tackle complex problems related to how the movement and behavior of marine animals places them at risk from human activities and alterations to their ecosystems.  Learn more about some of our partners by visiting our research associates and collaborators page under the “people” tab.


To create a diverse network of students interested in marine sciences, our lab partners with the California Ocean Alliance, which provides high school students from different backgrounds the opportunity to learn about how STEM fields are encompassed in marine mammal research. To learn more about these opportunities, please follow the link here.



Additionally, we strive to connect with students from around the United States and the world and share our research with as broad of an audience as possible. This includes developing curriculum, Q&A sessions, and online learning sessions from remote locations including the Antarctic.